Investor Relations in Private Markets

Advisor Sit Down

"Investors care about performance but also about headline risk. You can't say that you care about racial diversity and climate change and income inequality and all these things and yet do something totally opposite to that in the investment portfolio"
May 21, 2021
"My mantra is that you have to get to know people without asking them for something fast. Despite the Zoom world, despite all the technological advancements, private equity is a heavily relationship-oriented industry."
Apr 6, 2021
With the new rule, you now have the ability to present information in the form of a case study as long as it is in a way that is fair and balanced. This was something that had always been a bit of a difficult exercise and something private funds approached with hesitation.
Mar 30, 2021
Investor relations professionals are used to showcasing firm performance using the IRR and money multiples, but these measures aren’t always the most representative of success, according to Oliver Gottschlag who offers a set of alternatives.
Mar 23, 2021